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First, a huge thank you to my A-Level geography teachers Mrs Beard, Mr Wilson and Miss Rule. They’re fantastic teachers and the source of a lot of this content. A further thank you to Mrs Steepe. Although she never taught me, she no doubt played an integral role in organising the Geography A-Level. Finally, a thanks to Mrs Cook—my Yr. 10/11 Geography teacher—because she convinced me to take Geography at A-Level and was fantastic throughout those two years.


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A store is a way of storing water in a drainage basin. There’s a couple of different types of water storage. One is vegetation storage. Vegetation lives off of water right? Well, any vegetation in a drainage basin will take up precipitation and store it, simple. The vegetation storage is the total volume of water stored in the vegetation in a basin at one time.

Geography AS NotesDrainage Basins & The Hydrological Cycle. By Alex Jackson. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license.

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