About Geography AS Notes


Geography AS Notes launched in the tail end of 2011. Originally, the site hosted a copy of my notes (hence the name) that were publicly available but difficult to find. It was mainly used by friends who’d missed lessons and needed to catch up. In January 2012, I started investing more time in the website and throughout the year, the site’s style evolved from notes to articles.

About Me

I’m Alex Jackson. I built the website and have maintained it since it launched. I’m also the author of most of the content on the website. I was a student at the University of Leeds studying Geophysics—the physics of the earth—having completed my A-Levels in the summer of 20131.

I spend too much of my time playing video games2 but when I’m not playing them, I’m building websites or doing other “computery stuff”. I also listen to a bunch of podcasts3 when I’m working or playing games.

Geography A2

I get asked a lot if there is or will be a Geography A2 website. The answer is no. I started writing articles for the A2 course in mid-2013 but I’m too busy to be able to cover even half the course.

  1. I studied Geography, Maths and Physics to A2 level and Chemistry, Geology and Business Studies to AS level.
  2. Seriously, I have over 1,000 hours playing time on The Sims, 500 hours on Borderlands and 300 hours on Battlefield 3. We’ll ignore the 15 days playing time on Modern Warfare 2—that was a darker time. Oh, and don’t even mention Animal Crossing, or Pok√©mon, or Fallout, or Civilisation, or Kerbal Space Program, or Left 4 Dead. Definitely don’t mention that last one, I’ve lost count for it.
  3. Some podcast recommendations: ATP (Technology), The Infinite Monkey Cage (Science), Idle Thumbs (Games) and Stuff You Should Know (General Knowledge).